Personalized online shopping experience

Leverage our world-class AI to recommend the most relevant products to your users

Are you losing sales?

74% of e-commerce users are frustrated by impersonalised content (Infosys).

And they DON’T BUY.

Did you know? Big companies are using AI for
recommendation and personalisation…

Amazon’s sale increased by 30% from $9.9 billion to $12.83 billion

Recommendation accounts for 30% of total views

75% traffic com from recommendation

…With NextSmarty, you can too.

✓ Leverage the power of world-class AI in your online store
✓ Recommend the most relevant products that each of your users is most likely to buy
✓ Make your customers happy with a personalised online shopping experience

Our results for our customers:


increase in conversion rate


increase in revenue


increase in CTR

World-class AI recommendation for your online store

NextSmarty’s innovative technology has been featured at RecSys 2017, the world’s most prestigious recommender system conference boasting sponsors such as Amazon, Spotify and Netflix.

Our data scientists have done research and worked
at Stanford University, Cambridge University and in the Silicon Valley.


We are honoured to serve clients from over the world.


How much does it cost?

We are committed to building long-term win-win partnerships with our customers. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to try our technology completely at no charge, and only after we produce a relevant revenue increase will we charge a small percentage of our contribution.

Free Trial

You can try our technology for free until we prove with A/B testing that we consistently increase your revenue.

Pay only a small portion of the extra revenue

We only charge a small percentage of the extra revenue that we contribute to generate, so you can invest the extra profit to grow your business. You win, we win!

Your success is our success!

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