Our Story

In 2016, a customer came to us because they were not satisfied with existing recommendation solutions for their ecommerce business. They spent a lot of time and money trying different solutions, without realising any return on investment. While aspiring to have the deep technical resources afforded by big names like Amazon and Alibaba, the problem was lack of capital nor big data, which were required of most artificial intelligence recommendation products.

Our researchers spent the next year pioneering an artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm that addresses the challenge of having little to no historical data about a user, a problem medium-sized ecommerces face in driving new traffic to their sites. This research was published and accepted in RecSys 2017, the world’s most prestigious recommender systems conference, featuring sponsors such as Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix among others.

Today, NextSmarty is a fast-growing company that provides cutting-edge recommendation services to small and medium enterprises. Our dynamic team consists of data scientists who have worked and researched in Silicon Valley, Stanford University and Cambridge University.


NextSmarty helps turn visitors into customers, with an AI recommendation engine that is proven to turbocharge ecommerce growth. NextSmarty helps medium-sized ecommerce businesses turn even first-time website visitors into paying customers, with little to no historical data. With industry-leading AI tuned for your customers and a dynamic data scientist team, NextSmarty has grown ecommerce revenue up to 50%.

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